Proper training...finally!

So with my last event organised, I am finally being able to put some serious hours of training in. This summer has been frustrating to say the least, and the last 6 weeks I have had yet more unwanted stress, which has made me want to run and hide.

Well, nothing keeps me down for very long and right now I am feeling super excited about 2015! I am certainly not in the place I thought I would be fitness-wise, but one thing I have learnt over the last few years of taking part in endurance events and also organising them, is that nothing ever goes to plan. A wise (and grumpy) man once told me "things will always go wrong at the worst possible moment, you need to be the kind of person who can cope with that and move forward" That's great advice, not just in racing, but in business and life too!

I am currently working up to Iron distance, trying to not do what I normally do and start running marathons on zero training! Next year is going to be extremely hard on my body and minimising injuries is going to be a big priority. I have one niggle in my hip area that just won't go away at the moment, so I'm getting some massage for that, which is surprisingly painful!

My first challenge of 2015 is the Enduroman Quin in the continuous format (12 mile swim, 560 mile bike and a 131 mile run) This starts on 26th May and is literally just up the road from me in Dorset. I spent a leisurely weekend doing the double event this year ;-) so the course will hold no surprises. How my body will hold up over 5 days will be interesting though...

Over the next 6 months I intend to work up to the main event by attempting my own single, double and triple events. The swim will be in a pool as the sea will be too cold for anything over 30 minutes by then, the bike will be the actual Quin course and the run will be a hilly, off road 5 mile lapped course nearby. By setting myself these goals I hope to not only increase my endurance, speed and ability to eat enough. But also my confidence, which needs a bit of help at the moment!

Right, off to the pool...