Training gets longer

So this month has seen some exciting progress on all fronts.

I completed my first 'homemade' training tri this week. It's was only a half but not without it's challenges. The main one being the cold! I was freezing before I got in the pool - not a great start! The swim took 44 minutes and was uneventful and I managed to scoff a large pasty whilst driving to the start of the bike section!

The bike was x5 11 mile laps of quiet-ish country roads, but I was not spared the normal arctic lorries whipping past my elbow. I was pretty darn cold on the bike to start with but soon managed to warm up, although I didn't regain the feeling in my toes until I had started the run. The last lap of the bike really hurt - not sure why as I have trained up to this distance, maybe the cold contributed. The total time was 4.02

The run section went ok, although I always forget how horrible that first 5 - 10 minutes running from the bike is. More brick sessions needed I think! I'm not going to lie and say I ran this fast, it took me 2.42 but it is a tough, hilly course and tricky in the dark (excuses, excuses...)

The whole thing took me about 7.5 hours - that's not including any transition time obviously but gives me an idea of where I'm at right now. The main aim of these events is to achieve the distance without knackering myself too much and although I was tired and a little stiff yesterday, I had no injuries (other than my knees, which is ongoing and boring) and felt able to do some cross training and a short swim - gasp! Things are improving!

The next Homemade Training Tri is a full Iron distance and will be before Xmas.

Rab UK have come onboard as my kit supplier and are very kindly giving me an awesome Neutrino Endurance 600 sleeping bag, thick enough to keep me warm but light enough for me to drag from one end of the country to the other! They are also giving me a waterproof Spark jacket and an Alpine 35 pack.

After a lot of thought, I have decided to now use a trailer for the bike section, allowing me to carry a 'little' more stuff on the journey. I am looking at a Burley Nomad at the moment and hoping to get some help with buying it!

Other kit includes a Gossamer Bivvi Tent and sleeping mat. Cotswold Bournemouth have also been a big help in advising me on the correct gear.

I have decided to raise money for The Bike Experience - a charity that helps disabled motorcyclists to ride again.

Talan Skeels-Piggins founded the charity in 2011 and he and his team teach and advise motorcyclists who have been disabled how they can ride again, through the provision of an adapted and modified motorcycle which will allow them to ride in a safe environment.

You can donate to the charity here.
Or text BEBD74 £3 to 70070