Deca Plans Evolving

I woke up the other night, stressing about the Deca and how it was actually going to work...

The original plan was once I had arrived in Lands End when I had finished the bike leg, I would then be transported to Brecon to start the run. This worked well when I planned the event with a support crew, but now due to financial constraints, I'm facing the challenge mostly unsupported.

But now that I have started to really think about the event's logistics in detail, I just couldn't see how I would want to start getting on trains and buses to South Wales at this point. I think I will be completely exhausted, very happy to be getting off the bike and keen to start the run (when I say 'keen'...) But I know I won't want to be spending a day or more on public transport!

And then there was the mountain sections I had planned so I could finish in Llanberis. Amazing idea, but as someone who writes risk assessments for potentially dangerous events, I had warning bells ringing! The final worry was getting my broken body home from North Wales... Ok, so a re-think was needed. So at 3am, I made myself a cup of tea and opened Google Maps.

I thought finding a 262 mile run course would be tricky, but there was one ready-made and waiting for me.... the Coastal Path! Initially I was worried about how removing mountains from the challenge would effect the 'brutalness' of it, but I know exactly how bloody hard running along the coast path is. So the plan is now to finish at Land's End and after some sleep, run from there to a small seaside town called Dawlish Warren, just before Exmouth in Devon. Never been there before, but as long as there is somewhere to get a plate of chips and bucket of tea, I will be happy.

Running by the sea (sounds so nice, doesn't it....) will also make navigation somewhat easier. Although with my sense of direction (or lack of it) I will almost certainly still get lost, but not as lost I think (hope). I have based the plan on attempting to run around 35 - 40 miles a day and ending each day at a village / town to refuel and camp. The reality maybe somewhat different though.

It's funny but over the last few weeks, the Brutal Deca has gone from being a bit of a hopeful dream (or nightmare perhaps...) to an actual plan - with timescales, routes and lists (must. make. lists.) Yes, there has been changes and there probably will be more to come, but it feels like it's really going to happen! Training is going really well now and I'm starting to increase to distance for my homemade ironman just before Xmas.

Right, off to the pool... again.

PS. The date has changed too. We plan to start the swim (weather dependant) on July 13th now. This is just to allow me some breathing space for events like the Big Brutal Swim and The Brutal to organise. And there maybe one last challenge I have planned for 2015 to finish me off completely! More on that to come...