The ONER recce

Mar 17 2014

What went right?
The weather was great
My coach was awesome
My support crew were brilliant
I ate / drank more than I normally do during endurance events

What went wrong?
Lack of speed
Knee pain
Blisters under toenails
Food issues

Tendonitis in my knees during training stopped my speed sessions, so I was running too slowly from the start. With this sort of event, you need to have the balance of pacing yourself BUT also having some time in the bank to allow essential refuelling, sorting feet etc at CPs and also navigation errors.

Which leads onto the next problem... navigation! We definitely had a few issues. Portland in the dark is known for being tricky on the ONER and we got lost twice! The first time, I realised very quickly and we retraced our steps. The second time, I had lost the plot due to lack of calories and tiredness. We took a wrong turn and went in a circle! Not good for moral.

That was the point I knew it was over (although it wasn't a complete shock obviously!) My coach / crew did a great job though (especially Dom) of getting me back on my feet and running again (well...shuffling!) and I got to CP 6. Here I drained the blisters under my toenails here and got out my walking poles. I had decided that although I couldn't run I was going to continue the best I could. Mentally I was quite happy at this point!

We got to the end of Weymouth, where the coast path starts again and I had to make the call. In my heart I wanted to keep going, but my head told me enough was enough.

I was and still am gutted. Yesterday I was going to give up completely. 'This event is just too hard for me' I thought. This morning I woke up and wondered when my legs / knees / toes would allow me to try again.

Dogged determination or just plain daft? Not sure which, but I will do this.