Doubles and Decas

"And the record for the longest Double Iron Distance in the world goes to..."


Well, I knew I was going to find the Enduroman Double tough... but I guess not quite as hard as last weekend was!!

The event took 47 hours in total, which even for me, is quite ridiculous.

But as I said in my last blog, my goal was to finish with a smile and I managed both. The main thought I kept in my head throughout the weekend was that it was perfect mental training. Ultra endurance events are about managing your exhaustion and pain levels and keeping the voices that tell you to stop at bay.

Not once did I seriously think about giving up, even though my back pain on the bike was extremely bad (I am still in a lot of pain and have areas of numbness a week later) And during the run, I was falling asleep as I was walking, which is always fun!


- I finally got my nutrition right! I have never been able to eat enough on ultras, but this was the first time I have eaten proper food from start to finish, and boy, does it make a difference (not to my speed though obviously!)

- I smiled! Apart from the back pain and knowledge that I was going to be last, I really enjoyed it! I truly love the ultra endurance crowd and caught up with people I hadn't seen for years.

- I finished! I have been struggling with a series of DNFs over the last few years and it's true what they say about giving up becoming a habit. It really does and I was desperate to break this one.

- My son Jake was with me on the last section of the run, which was a great experience and he really helped with the hallucination control!

Areas to improve on

- More training as per previous blog.

- A proper, professional bike fit is absolutely essential if I am to continue. JOGLE is going to be very, very tough with that level of pain.

- More confidence / speed needed for running over rough ground in the dark, when very tired.

My next challenge is my own Brutal Double on July 28th, hopefully I will finish within the cut off this time!

The Brutal Deca changes

Myself and Brutal Rich have been discussing the Deca Challenge over the last few weeks and have decided to make a big change to the event.

We have swopped the Channel for Loch Lomond!

Still long, still cold, still a tough swim - but more manageable for a number of reasons.

The first being timing, the English Channel is impossible to plan around and crossing it, no matter how hard you have trained, still does come down to an element of luck. True, you could still have adverse weather in Scotland, but within a lake setting, it's far more manageable.

The second reason is we have always been a little uncomfortable with the similarities of the Arch to Arc, which is an amazing event and deserves to remain unique.

And finally, moving it to Scotland keeps it in the mountains, as all good Brutal Events like to be.

If you would like to take on the Brutal Deca Solo Challenge - go to