Crazy busy...

So I am back in the swing of things after a bit of a low point. The thing is with running an events company is that you can't be down for long as there is always so much going on and I am also in constant contact with inspiring people doing awesome stuff.

June saw the Pig Ultra Duathlon, Dusk 'til Dawn 12hr Swim and then the Midnight Mountain Marathon which basically wiped out the month! I have (amazingly) been able to keep training throughout this time, although it's sporadic to say the least! The days after an event I often feel like I have been hit by a bus, so they are always rest days.

A highlight of June was signing the MMM course (which takes a bloody long time!) I could feel a huge difference in my fitness levels going up the mountains. Although only a little thing, it signified a real turning point for me, as the last year I was literally dying going up them. A combo of crap training and Anaemia I guess but at the time, it's pretty soul destroying.

Plans for Mexico are in full swing, the passport is being renewed as I type and the flights are planned and ready to be booked. I'm so excited about going as Lanzarote is the furthest I have ever been!

Training and events coming up are:
July 16th - Full Brutal recce
July 25th - Cotswold 24hr Run
3rd Aug - Some kind of Brutal type multi day training (squeezed in around council meetings)
15th Aug - Midnight Man Triathlon

As I am heading to Llanberis next week to do some training / filming on The Brutal course, I thought I would brush up on my extremely mediocre GoPro and film editing skills and also show you where I do a lot of my off road running.

This is an amazing little place called St Catherine's Hill just up from where I live. I know and love every inch of it :-)

And yes, it's been said you can see my Nike leggings from space...

P.S. This site is going to change soon as I am planning on documenting the Mexico Deca journey, the Brutal Deca (if I can ever actually do it!) and also the ongoing plans of setting up a UK Deca in 2016...hopefully!!