The Brutal Deca

The Brutal Deca Solo Challenge consists of a 24 mile Loch Lomond Swim, a 1,120 mile bike ride starting from Loch Lomond, then John O' Groats to Lands End and finally a 262 mile run from Lands End to Dawlish in Devon.

The first ever Brutal Deca Solo Challenge is set to take place in the summer 2016 by Claire Smith.

The distances will be as close as possible to a normal Deca, but due to the nature of open water swimming and UK roads / paths, they are likely to be slightly over.

Also, due to the difficulty of the challenge, the goal will be to complete it as quickly as possible, rather than the 10 - 14 day limit. The planned timescale for the first event is 16 - 20 days.