Progress...I think.

Feb 24 2014

I'm writing this blog today with wet hair from my swim session, yesterday's marathon still in my legs and a turbo session to look forward to later. I'm balancing a large cup of tea on the sofa next to me and struggling to keep my eyes open.

I'm tired.

I am on my 9th week of training and it has been a little up and down. The first month was full of energy and enthusiasm for the New Year and exciting challenges. The second month was far more like real life. Trying to balance my job, a business, children and a heavy training schedule. Progress has been slower than I would have liked.

In my head, by March, I was going to be a super athlete! All lean muscle and slurping protein shakes. The reality is I have only lost 4lbs and my evening chocolate habit is going strong! On the positive side, I have stuck to my alcohol-free promise and weirdly, find that I barely miss the wine (or beer) and I'm feeling so much better for it.

Out of the three disciplines, swimming is where the progress is being made and my times gradually improving. I am a long way off being Channel fit yet though. This Sunday I am meeting the rest of my Channel Relay Team and we start our acclimatisation. The sea is 9 degrees at the moment and I'm more than a little nervous about tackling the cold water again, as it is one of my biggest fears / weaknesses.

Cycling is still based in the kitchen on the turbo, but after the ONER recce in a few weeks it will become a more substantial part of my training schedule in preparation for the Deca in Mexico.

The running is where I am having real problems though. I love running, it's where I started years ago and the one thing I want to do when I have a problem or feel stressed is go for a run. I have been struggling with knee pain for some weeks now and I have to admit, I haven't been doing my speed sessions (sorry Coach) mainly because of pain, but also because they intimidate me a little too I think. The negative chatter in my head says 'you can't run fast, you're a plodder' Which is true, but I'm very aware that if I keep running slowly, I will always be a slow runner.

The ONER recce is less than 3 weeks away now and it's on my mind a lot. Success with this event comes down to maintaining constant forward motion (whilst ensuring you remain on track), a strong, positive mental attitude and consuming a lot of food and water! Sounds so simple, doesn't it? If only it was.

Onwards... (more tea first though!)