Swim Analysis

Training is still going well and I'm starting to really feel the benefits of being more consistent. I normally aim to either run or turbo in the morning and swim in the afternoon. Doesn't always happen... but I'm getting there!

Last weekend I had my first ever Swim Analysis. This was with Fran from Goal Specific who I would definitely recommend.

The session started with them looking at my stroke and filming me from all angles to ensure they got every single problem... and boy, was there a lot of them! I had a feeling there would be, but I was shocked when I saw the video later on.

My head / body position in the water is great, but my arms were all but pulling straight under the water, which was producing very little power and also, causing the niggle I have in my right shoulder. I'm also pulling slightly sideways, before initiating the catch phase and my hand entry is slightly off. I'm rotating from the shoulders but not the hips and I have tendency to look behind when I breath. Lastly, the final part of my stroke is missing, as I am angling my hand and its slipping past my hip.


You can see the difference above with my elbow high rather than a straight arm!

So I have lots of drills to be cracking on with and I have been surprised with how exhausting even 40 minutes is when you are basically reconstructing your stroke! It's very exciting though, as I feel I am giving myself the best chance of achieving my 2015 goals.

I now spend hours staring at Mr Smooth, memorised by his lovely, hypnotic stroke...


Before - oh dear...

After - better...